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Native-Like Fluency is possible.

You need two ingredients: a deliberate practice routine and caring, human feedback.

Here it's all about people, their stories, and their results
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Confident Writing Skills in English
I don't need another video course about writing.
I need human feedback on my texts.
A Winning Resume & Cover Letter in English
I need help with crafting a strong resume in English and preparing a cover letter
Job Interview Practice: promotion, relocation, career change
I need to master self-presentation, build new relationships, and communicate my values in English
Awesome Pitch Presentation Skills
I need to deliver powerful, memorable presentations
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Better listening and pronunciation skills
I want to learn to improve my pronunciation independently. I work with international teams and need to hear and understand all native speakers, regardless of their accent.
Clarity in my speaking and writing
I want to send clear and precise messages and sound natural in English without having to repeat or overexplain what I mean
This is not a story of one person or one brand, these are stories of incredible people
Meet the people who have made it all the way to native-like fluency, who are learning to make it happen, and who are helping other learners, teachers, and their own children to fall in love with effortful learning
Watch my interview with Jill Diamond

A must watch for learners who want to understand the rhythm of English and improve their accent and pronunciation.

  • What is thought chunking?
  • Is it pitch or is it volume?
  • What is melody?
  • What are intonations?
Watch other interviews with real people who choose active practice vs passive learning
"I need native-like fluency. Where do I begin?"
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My story
About me. The woman who dares greatly

I vote for mastery and natural, effortless virtuosity

You will never hear me say, “It’s OK to make mistakes over and over again in your speech, as long as you feel comfortable or as long as people understand you”.

The purpose of learning is not “to feel good."

The purpose of learning is to create a lasting change.

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world"
Ludwig Wittgenstein
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