Clear, Authentic,and Spontaneous
Don't think about your next English word. Think about the person in front of you
You can't prepare every word of your next conversation, but you can learn to prepare yourself
Spontaneous conversations are the hardest to master. Yet that's what every language learner wants to achieve - absolute freedom of self-expression and effortless, beautiful, and articulate speech.

Here are my recommendations:
  • master prepared speech first (The SPRINT! Thought Chunking & Pausing is a good start)
  • speak and seek quality feedback as much as you can. That's what we do in the Community of Practice
  • learn the language of feeling and emotion in English. It's not about the words you say. It's all about the way people feel and receive your words. It's not about understanding how they feel. It's all about communicating what you understand. The SPRINT! on Clarity will take you on this journey. You will also find relevant workshop and exercises in the Community
  • learn what Clarity is. It's attentiveness + self-correction. My 5-step program will show you the exact steps to achieve clarity in both prepared and spontaneous speech
  • take good care of your inner state. Watch my video to learn more
Watch this lesson on CLARITY (level 1)
learn to find precise English words for your ideas
An example exercise to structure your message for clarity
Achieving clarity in spontaneous conversations
Listen to my story and try it out!
Learn to clearly communicate complex
information in English
The secret to clarity is continuous practice and human, caring feedback
Learn 5 LEVELS of clarity: my signature program designed for non-native speakers. A self-paced program with individual feedback and community access.
Find dozens of effective exercises with the hashtags #clarity, #brevity, and #summarize in our community. Practice with us weekly, learn by doing and receive human feedback on your speaking skills, intonations, and the clarity of your messages
Apply to work with me.
Minimum commitment period is
three months
Join my exclusive group coaching program and work in a team of ambitious international professionals. We meet twice a week to practice spontaneous speech and improve the clarity of our messages. Every member receives individual feedback.
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