Speak in the rhythm of English
Understand every word of what native speakers say
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Learn to hear
EVERY single word that people say
You can understand the whole only if you understand every component of it. So many people are stuck because they tell themselves the story of "I understand 90% of what people say" even though they have never experienced what 100% feels and sounds like.

Here is what DOES NOT work. STOP doing it if you want to improve your listening and pronunciation skills:

  • Silently consuming Youtube videos on pronunciation
Here is why it doesn't work:
  1. If you don't open your mouth and repeat what you hear, you're not working on your pronunciation
  2. If you say it out loud, but no one gives you feedback, you're not working on your pronunciation
  3. If you want both American and British teachers, you probably confusing yourself. Make a decision early. I practice American English, which means I do not watch pronunciation advice from British teachers
  • Watching Netflix without subtitles in the hope that that counts as practice.
It does not. Practice means improvement. Watching Netflix helps you maintain what you know, but not improve.

Do this instead:
  • decide if you want to sound British or American and be consistent
  • work on the shape of your vowels
  • learn the rhythm of English
  • practice with 30-60 sec movie scenes and audio fragments (you will find many in the Resource Library)
A fun exercise: Who can hear better: AI or a human?
Test yourself. Can you hear what they say?

The exercises you're going to learn will give you the confidence to say "I know that I heard XYZ" instead of "I believe I heard XYZ".
Improve your listening and pronunciation skills
The programs that will help you achieve your goals
Enroll in my SPRINT! Learn 14 creative exercises to take your pronunciation and listening skills to the next level. A self-paced program with human feedback and community access
Find dozens of effective exercises with the hashtags#listening and #diction in our community. Practice with us weekly, learn by doing and receive human feedback
Apply to work with me.
Minimum commitment period is
three months
Purchase my library of hand-picked content to specifically practice listening and speaking skills: 200 movies scenes, 150 audiobooks, 97 poems, 110 true stories, 250 excerpts from fiction and children's books. The library comes with real-time video lessons where you can watch and join me in practice. I created it for myself to never waste another minute on finding the "best" content. Individual feedback is included.
I update the Library monthly.
Listen to how my own pronunciation has changed since 2020
The message is great! I still stand by it. But my pronunciation back then included a combination of British, American, and Russian vowel sounds.

Listen to how my pronunciation has changed over time.
I have been doing the same exercises that you're going to learn.
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