Native-Like Fluency:
The community of practice
A place for daring, advanced English learners who practice together through
daily exercises and caring, human feedback
Tired of buying countless English courses, only to be disappointed by little progress?
You don't need to buy separate courses to practice separate language skills. This community offers specific exercises and routines to help you improve all the skills: your accent, grammar, writing, and spontaneous speaking skills in English with caring, human feedback from TOP professionals.

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Online courses don't work when your goal is

to build a new life and career in English

People tell you, "Your English is so good!"

On paper, your accomplishments look great.

But you lose your confidence every time someone strikes up a spontaneous conversation.

You worry that you take too long to explain yourself in English.

And you want to connect with others like native-speakers do.

You know there is so much more for you to achieve — but there's no school for that.

Language schools and courses get you only to a certain level.

Don't get stuck at that level. Dare to ask for more.

A sneak peek into a community LIVE call

Forget about learning English one day.

Start practicing it every day.

When you're learning a new skill, there is no such thing as ‘done." Only deliberate, continual practice will make you fluent — practice that is sustainable, focused, and regular. Join our community of learners, and learn with caring, human feedback.

You'll have people to practice with.

You'll receive individual feedback.

You'll become part of a community that practices regularly, using the various exercises and routines I have developed to get you to native-like fluency.
Practice with us until you can be clear, authentic, and spontaneous in English.

"I am a non-native speaker of English, just like you.

To get to where I am now, I had to learn how to do what no one could teach me.

I got to native-like fluency by doing the opposite of what certified English teachers suggest.

As a learner, I share exactly what I am doing so you can do it yourself too.

As a teacher, I create exercises for you and help you self-correct your mistakes.

The exercises you're about to discover have helped many learners significantly improve their English fluency and easily integrate focused practice into their everyday routines.

We practice weekly as a group, but you can also work independently, following your individual plan."

Natalia Tokar
Membership Tiers
If you buy our annual membership, you're granted access to the Resource Library with thoughtfully curated content to add variety, meaning, and cultural context to your practice.
Daring Learner
Enjoy access to all the exercises and resources. Learn from the feedback given to others and watch replays of community calls and individual sessions. Talk to people directly, find partners to practice together, and join weekly LIVE calls.

❌ No individual feedback
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Daring Learner Plus
Unlock the power of the community combined with individual attention to your needs as a learner. Receive honest human feedback. Discuss your own personal challenges, and receive an individualized learning plan that helps you learn to learn.

✅ Individual feedback
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If your request is accepted, you will pay €1 for the initial 7-day trial period, and then a monthly fee will be charged.
You can cancel at any time. The course "Daring Learner" that you will find in the community is yours forever.
Meet the community members
We have a community app and messenger.
You can connect directly with any member on any plan.
What is a practice routine?
A practice routine must be deliberate, well-structured, sustainable, and creative. Watch the video to learn more.

As soon as you start your 7-day trial, you will get access to my course "Daring Learner", which will help you make the best use of the community of practice. The course is yours forever.
What is the Resource Library?
It's a hand-picked collection of useful content that I personally curate for my own practice. It's also the inspiration behind the real-time video lessons that I create for community members.

As of now, we have 217 movie scenes, 93 poems, 121 excerpts from fiction books, 74 excerpts from business books, 40 children's books, 72 fragments from audiobooks, and 81 true stories told by real people. You will find a step-by-step lesson plan for how to engage with each type of content. I will help you use our Library in a way that trains you to focus rather than get overwhelmed by content. You will always receive feedback on the exercises you choose to do.

The Library comes as a gift if you opt for the annual membership.
You can also purchase access to the Resource Library separately.
What does feedback look like?
Watch the fragment of a community call where we practice communicating what the words mean rather than simply reading what we see.

The FOCUS of this practice is mastering the rhythm of the English language: understanding thought-chunking, pausing, word stress, flow, emphasis, intonations, etc.
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