Application window opens only twice a year
Native-Like Fluency
Join the exclusive six-month group coaching program with Natalia Tokar.
Application dealdine has been extended to August 11
Join an international group of awesome individuals
Dates: Aug 6, 2023 - Jan 6, 2024
The application window opens only twice a year
What to expect from this program
Metacognitive strategies
You will learn how to continuously improve your English skills by relying on your individual strengths and consciously applying the metacognitive strategies. Our job is to challenge your autopilot mode by consciously changing your unconscious, often unnoticed speaking patterns.
Practice routine
Each member of the group will have a personal and deliberate practice routine designed for them. The goal of the program is to help you create practice routines that are easy to integrate in your daily life because they bring immense joy and improve the quality of your life.
Individual Feedback
This program is all about practice. You will do a lot of exercises, and you will receive feedback on all your work. I give each member of the group individual attention.
Individual & Group projects
You will do both individual and group projects. You will have accountability partners who will give you honest feedback on your learning style. They will give you a true reflection of how you engage with the exercises.
Spontaneous Speaking Practice
We practice both: prepared and spontaneous speech, but the emphasis is on spontaneous speech.
If you're a fast talker by nature, you will receive the necessary support to effectively convey your ideas in English.
This is one of the three pillars of the method (watch the video above to learn about the other two). The goal of the program is to help you consciously self-correct your unconscious speaking behaviors in English and move on to new levels of mastery. To do so, you need to be able to hear yourself and be present with yourself and others in the English-speaking environment.

Clear Metrics for Success

Fluency can be measured. You will be introduced to a clear measurement system that will help you track your learning progress and become a more successful learner.
The program
We meet twice a week: Wednesdays 11:00 ET and Sundays 12:00 ET

Every Wednesday we practice a new skill together
Every Sunday you deliver your results and receive feedback in real time
Who is this for?
The theme of the new cohort (Aug 6, 2023 - Jan 6, 2024) is CLARITY in Spontaneous Speech.

You will be learning the exercises to effectively self-correct your old, stubborn speaking patterns and internalize new speaking behaviors through practicing both prepared and spontaneous speech. The program focuses on elevating your speaking, writing, listening, reading, and thinking skills in English.
  • Business Professionals
    who work in international companies globally and want to move ahead in their career
  • Immigrants
    who are building a new life in a new country and learning to belong
  • Creators & Entrepreneurs
    who are ready for expansion, who need to sell, pitch, and create in English for English-speaking audiences
  • Talented young people
    who plan to study abroad and need to develop confident speaking skills in English. Teenagers (15-17 y.o.) can participate for FREE if they pass the interview
This is not a pre-recorded course. We do it LIVE.
If you can't attend on some days, replays will be instantly available.
Intensive program
  1. Two sessions a week
  2. 16 hours of LIVE group coaching a month
  3. Real-time feedback on your work
  4. Lifetime access to the replays
  5. Free pass in the community of practice
  6. Access to ALL my products for the duration of the program

✅ 60-min individual coaching sessions each month to track your progress

Flexible program
  1. One session a week (only Wednesdays)
  2. 8 hours of LIVE group coaching a month
  3. Asynchronous feedback on your work
  4. Lifetime access to the replays
  5. Free pass in the community of practice
  6. Access to ALL my products for the duration of the program

❌ No individual sessions

Fragments of our sessions
Raw, Real, and inspired by Results
Knowledge acquisition vs Knowledge application. What do you practice?
Achieving better fluency means changing your autopilot mode. Self-correct your speaking habits
You can see the NEW only in the REPETITIVE
A problem and a takeaway in every story. Storytelling skills in English. A lesson fragment
What people say about the program
Read this post to see more testimonials
This student struggled with stressing "can not" correctly.
She had the habit of saying [CANNot] instead of [canNOT]

She also struggled with being herself while being with others,
who speak English.

To watch a 20-min fragment of a private session where this student shares her results and insights, click here.

*I have the student's consent to share this video

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