Application window opens only twice a year
Native-Like Fluency
Join the exclusive six-month group coaching program with Natalia Tokar
Join an international group of awesome individuals
Dates: Aug 6, 2023 - Jan 6, 2024
The application window opens only twice a year
What to expect from this program
The essentials
You will learn the exercises to practice each of the nine essential skills required to achieve native-like fluency: attentiveness, clarity, brevity, listening & short-term memory, articles, enunciation, rhythm, questioning your ideas, and writing.
Practice routine
I will help each member of the group start a personal and deliberate practice routine. The goal of the program is to help you create practice routines that help you continuously improve your skills and are easy to integrate in your daily life because they bring immense joy.
Individual Feedback
This program is all about practice. You will do a lot of exercises, and you will receive feedback on all your work and your performance progress. I work with each member of the group individually.
Individual & Group projects
You will do both individual and group projects. You will have accountability partners who will give you the true reflection of your learning style.
Spontaneous Speaking Practice
We practice both: prepared and spontaneous speech, but the emphasis is on spontaneous speech production. If you're a fast talker by nature, you need practice to transmit your ideas in a foreign language effectively.
This is one of the three pillars of the method (watch the video above to learn about the other two). The goal of the program is to help you consciously self-correct your speaking behaviors in English and move to new levels of mastery. To do so, you need to be able to hear yourself and self-correct.

Clear Metrics for Success

Fluency can be measured. You will be introduced to a clear measurement system that will help you track your learning progress and become a more successful learner.
Who is this program for?
The theme of the new cohort (Aug 6, 2023 - Jan 6, 2024) is Building Better Relationships in English

It's about feeling like a local in a new country, welcoming change, exploring your second language identity, and finding eloquent words to express yourself. It's about learning to belong with others without losing yourself
  • Business Professionals
    who work in international companies globally and want to move ahead in their career
  • Immigrants
    who are building a new life in a new country and learning to belong
  • Creators & Entrepreneurs
    who are ready for expansion, who need to sell, pitch, and create in English for English-speaking audiences
  • Talented young people
    who plan to study abroad and need to develop confident speaking skills in English already now. Teenagers (15-17 y.o.) can participate for FREE if they pass the interview
Fragments of our sessions
Raw, Real, and inspired by Results
Knowledge acquisition vs Knowledge application. What do you practice?
Achieving better fluency means changing your autopilot mode. Self-correct your speaking habits
You can see the NEW only in the REPETITIVE
A problem and a takeaway in every story. Storytelling skills in English. A lesson fragment
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