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It took a student 10 days to correct the mistake that she'd been making for years. The biggest result is authentic confidence.
Anastasia completed the program in July 2023
Alex completed the program in July 2023
Listen to the full episode with Anastasia
Anastasia had been answering the question "What do you want to be seen, valued, and appreciated for at work?" for six months.

Listen to her journey from the wrong to the right answers.
Listen to my conversation with a student who has lived in the UK for 8 years
This woman took the Native-Like Fluency program...and:

  • lost 10 kilos
  • stopped procrastinating at work
  • broke her sugar addiction
  • started exercising regularly
  • started journaling in English
  • updated her resume and is now ready to apply for better jobs
  • and learned 3 more impressive skills!

Listen to our conversation below.

The program teaches you to become a better learner,
and this student nailed it.
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Watch the video of this conversation

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You will see me share the screen with the student's results.
The student shares a lot insights generously, and her hard work of unlocking the power of her unconscious mind deserves to be appreciated.
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Native-Like Fluency
6 months of transformational practice to take you to a new level of English fluency

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