Native-Like Fluency: the replays.
Learn from and with people. Instant access to the replays from 2023.
I am unlocking the replays for the first time
because there are people who want to take this program, but circumstanced get in the way.
Many of you can't do this program LIVE because you live in on the other side of the globe. When we practice, you sleep.
Your schedule might be hard to change. When we practice, you need to take your kids to school.
Many people feel pressured to speak in a group and prefer to learn the exercises on their own time.
So, what can you learn from watching the replays?
The answer is EVERYTHING. If you have always wanted to join the Native-Like Fluency program, but you can't do it LIVE with us,
get instant access to all the lessons now.
The most important ingredients of the program are available to you.
The 2023 cohort participants had 6 months.
You get twice as much time - 12 months of access.
You will learn the exercises that help achieve native-like fluency, and you'll learn to do them correctly.
You will practice with individual feedback. You're not supposed to learn without it.
Every participant has a personal practice plan for a month and shorter routines to correct certain patterns.
You get two 60-min private coaching calls with me during the next 12 months.
You can find a partner to practice with and see how other members cooperate to achieve better results.
You will unlock all the exercises in the community of practice, where you can find a practice routine for every skill.
My story of learning from
the replays
If your employer is ready to cover the costs, send me an email:
4 monthly payments of $375.

70% more affordable than the LIVE program.
Unlock access
A one-time payment.

70% more affordable than the LIVE program.
Unlock access
Pay in RUB
4 monthly payments of $375.

70% more affordable than the LIVE program.
Pay in RUB
A one-time payment.

70% more affordable than the LIVE program.
Pay in RUB
Who is this for?
The theme of the 2023 cohort was CLARITY in spontaneous conversations in English.
  • Business Professionals
    who work in global companies and want to advance in their careers.
  • Immigrants
    who are building a new life in a new country and learning to belong.
  • Creators & Entrepreneurs
    who need to sell, pitch, and create content in English for English-speaking audiences.
  • ESL teachers
    who need to advance their career but don't really know where to go to improve their speaking, learning, and teaching skills.
Apply for the upcoming cohort and get YOUR results
March 31 - September 29, 2024

Native-Like Fluency
6 months of transformational practice to take you to a new level of English fluency

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