Exercise: Connect your Ideas in English to Achieve Clarity. Spontaneous & Prepared Speech


How do you connect your ideas in English to achieve clarity, consistency, and flow?

I identify five levels of Clarity, and I need to master all of them to tell better stories and communicate with more clarity.

➡️1. Precise wording. Instead of 10 similar words, I need one precise word for what I mean to say.

Instead of
❌"We had something with meat on grill"

I would say
✅"We had grilled chicken skewers".

➡️2. Strong verbs and adjectives.

Instead of
❌"I said to him that my boss had said we all need to be at the meeting",
I would want to rather say
✅"I repeated to him that the boss had reminded all of us to show up at the meeting" This is more precise and more clear.

➡️3. Structure.

I can't demonstrate how it works in just one sentence. By "structure" I mean sentence structure (I posted examples of run-on sentences earlier), paragraph structure, the structure of answering important questions and delivering ideas (for example, job interview questions and business presentations). Join the space SPRINTs! in our Community to SEE how people work on structure. You wanna see it and try it yourself.

➡️4. Connecting your ideas.

This is what this post is about. Listen to the whole message and do the exercise too.

➡️5. Intonations.

Probably, the most difficult level for non-native speakers. You need to understand the rhythm of English, the attitude, the chunks, the pauses , and a lot more to figure out what the intentions mean. Check out this SPRINT! and consider enrolling to understand other people's intentions as well as communicate our own with clarity and kindness.

Practice telling stories in English out loud to see if you can connect your ideas. Record yourself to give yourself feedback. Don't be afraid to iterate and record again. When you practice storytelling in English only in your head, you hinder your own progress because you aren't in touch with the reality of language-learning.