Thought Chunking & Pausing in English
Learn to understand the rhythm of English.
Know where you should pause, why, and for how long.
14 creative exercises to practice reading, understanding, and hearing various types of content (for all levels).

14 creative exercises to take your pronunciation and listening skills to the next level

Native speakers don't listen to every word you say. People who say every word correctly and distinctly are most often misunderstood.

English speakers listen to the words and syllables that you stress.

This program will help you understand which words to stress, when to pause, and how to hear the rhythm of English so you can speak with native-like fluency and deliver your ideas with impact

This SPRINT! is organized as a practice routine, meaning you can do it over and over again.

You will never get bored because:
a) you can use any content of your choice while following the suggested structure

b) the content is regularly updated by your coach and the community members who offer their own modifications

  • Curious Learners
    This SPRINT! is for anyone who wants to learn to speak in English with impact and deliver meaning with their words instead of simply delivering words
  • Advanced Learners
    If you're a confident presenter, take this course to influence your audiences and plant ideas in people's minds when you speak English. You will be challenged to SHOW, not tell
  • English teachers
    ESL teachers are welcome to take this course to practice owning the room, building authority, and advancing their pronunciation skills. Find inspiration for your own lessons!
Natalia Tokar
The author and your coach
You can learn a lot about the rhythm of English in the open, public resources. This SPRINT! offers the opportunity to apply the knowledge and practice with the coach. You will receive professional, personalized, timely feedback on every exercise that you do, regardless of how many iterations of each exercise you choose to do. Feedback comes as long you as you put in the work.
Learn with fun, engaging content
The key feature of this SPRINT! is variety.
You will be learning to hear, understand, and deliver authentic content of all sorts.
You will also practice delivering your own ideas
in the most natural-sounding way
Course Curriculum
Life-time access to the course and
all the future updates
Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Welcome video lesson.

  • Three ways to use a PAUSE in English
  • What is a thought chunk and where do we pause?
Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Session Replays
  • Welcome session. Replay
  • Welcome session. Presentation
  • Final session. Replay
Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Daily Tasks
  • Task #1. Yertle the Turtle. Learn one page of your choice by heart. Record yourself
  • Task #2. Choose your content
  • Why thought chunking matters and how native speakers listen to you
  • Task #3. How many chunks? How many pauses?
  • Task #4. Natalia and Jason read
  • Task #5. Read your favorite quote to me
  • Task #6. Read the news
  • Task #7. Chunk the tongue twister
  • Task #8. Hear the pauses
  • Task #9. Read a weather report
  • Task #10. Understanding FAST speech. Can you hear the pauses?
  • Task #11. Can you read a bank statement? Explanations made simple
  • Task #12. Listen to see the thought chunks.
  • Task #13. Be creative
  • Task #14. It's time to shine!
Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Find Inspiration
More exercises, ideas, and insights
Watch the fragment of the welcome lesson
If you want feedback and individual attention, as well as the company of other daring learners, enroll in the SPRINT!
I look forward to working with you!

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