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The Resource Library
You will never have to search the internet or waste your time on Youtube looking for a good video to practice your English.
Never again!
For the members of the Community of Practice only!
Enjoy the Library and the Real-Time-Lessons that come with it.

What's included
  • 217 movie scenes, 93 poems, 121 fiction books, 74 business books, 40 children's books, 72 audiobooks, and 85 true stories
    A lesson that teaches you to practice with ANY piece of content effectively
  • Feedback on the exercises that you do
    Post your work in the #iWantFeedback space
  • Real-time video lessons
    Natalia models the exercises for you so you know exactly how to make your practice a success and become a metacognitive learner. Press PLAY and follow along.
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Designed for immigrants, ambitious souls, and leaders who need more than "OK" English.

  1. Weekly LIVE Practice sessions with me
  2. My course "Daring Learner" with practice routines for every skill
  3. Video feedback to help you see what I mean
  4. American Accent Training with Amy Walker
  5. Hundreds of creative exercises to help you get to native-like fluency
  6. 50% off all my new products
  7. ALL my online courses and workshops: The Rhythm of English, Learn to Hear Every Single Word, Creative Writing, Resume & LinkedIn, 9 essential skills to Native-Like Fluency, Self-correction, ect...
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