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  • Where can I access the FREE resources
    Log in to your account and find the free resources to learn more about the methodology and start practicing.
  • Do I need different accounts in the Community of Practice and on your website
    Yes. A free account on my website is a good start for anyone who wants to understand the method. The community of practice is hosted on a different platform because the functionality of this website doesn't allow for many features. However, some of the programs and routines, such as "Clarity", "Articles", and my Resource Library are on this website too. If you have an account here, you can access them.
    MY TIP: use the same email and password to create your accounts on the website and in the community of practice so that it's easier for you to manage both.
  • Where can I see the upcoming courses and workshops?
    If you're a community member, the schedule is here. If you're not a member yet, the best place to learn about the upcoming events is my newsletter. Sign up here. Also see the page available programs here.

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