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  • Where can I take the free course?
    You can find the details and the application form here. The free course "9 essential skills to get to native-like fluency" is a great place to start learning the method and start your conscious practice.
  • Do I need different accounts to use the Community of Practice and to take your online courses?
    Yes. As of now, you need two separate accounts because the courses and the community of practice are located on two different servers. We're working on merging the two but we can't give you a timeline for when this is going to be done.
    Here is a TIP: use the same email and password to create an account on the course platform and in the community of practice so that it's easier for you to manage your passwords.
  • Where can I register for the upcoming courses and workshops?
    You can find the schedule for 2022 here. Join upcoming community calls and practice sessions. SPRINTs and online courses come with personalized feedback and welcome new students every month.
  • Where can I learn more about the method and the system of exercises?
    Join the community of practice and keep an eye on the space "Updates and Free Exercises". It's free. 

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