The same grammar, from a new angle
Sentence structure: learn to be clear and concise in English
The workshop covers the fundamentals of a clear sentence.
You'll want to get back to it again and again.
You will stop asking,
"Is this correct? Are you sure?"

Instead of guessing and doubting yourself, you will know the answers.

I do not teach you grammar. I help you learn directly from the source.
In this workshop, we will open a grammar book written FOR and BY native speakers and practice making sense of it.

You will see grammar from a new angle. We use only authentic grammar books in the community. They're not adapted to ESL students and help you think from a different perspective.
Let's see how many answers you already have
Which sentence is correct?
I talked to the boys, and none of them are coming to the party.
I talked to the boys, and none of them is coming to the party.
How about this sentence?
Neither the plates nor the serving bowl goes on that shelf
Neither the plates nor the serving bowl go on that shelf
Where is the subject in this sentence?
There is still a problem
THERE is the subject
There is still a problem
PROBLEM is the subject
How about this sentence? Where is the subject?
In a corner of the city, inside a tall, narrow house at Number 4 rue Vauborel, on the sixth and highest floor, a sightless sixteen-year-old named Marie-Laure LeBlanc kneels over a low table covered entirely with a model.

From All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Which sentence is correct?
Neither she, my friends, nor I am going to the festival.

this one is correct!
Neither she, I, nor my friends are going to the festival.

no, this one is definitely more correct!
Is the word "seeing" gerund or present participle?
(btw, do you know the difference?)
Seeing is believing.

I look forward to seeing you again next week.

"Seeing" is a gerund.

Seeing is believing.

I look forward to seeing you again next week.

"Seeing" is a participle! But how about "believing?" WTF is this then?
This workshop will clarify the confusion
over what is correct
What you get:
  • Lifetime access to the replay
    47 min of pure practice. We deleted all the irrelevant information
    so you enjoy watching the video
  • Links to additional resources
    You will find them under the replay
  • Feedback on your work
    Do the exercise and post your work to receive feedback

00:00 - The beginning. What is a noun

3:27 - What is a verb

6:22 - When “go” means “say” or “feel”

10:41 - present participle

11:24 - past participle

14:04 - direct objects

15:32 - indirect objects

17:50 - the object of the preposition

18:57 - gerund or present participle?

23:38 - to find a subject, find a verb first. Examples

26:27 - sentences with more than one subject and more than one verb

26:59 - the infinitive and its role in a sentence

28:27 - the split infinitive

29:35 - the imperative

30:24 - EXERCISE. A follow-along practice. Understanding the subject

38:21 - subject verb agreement

42:15 - either and neither. What verbs do they take?

45:23 - “I suggest he does it” or “I suggest he do it”?

45:42 - conclusion and homework

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