Sell anything in English
A deliberate, focused, and guided LIVE program to help
international professionals sell with clarity
... because a confused customer will never say "YES"
4 LIVE sessions per month. You will consistently and systematically practice becoming a STAR sales performer!
5 months
March 14
Weekly demos
Start date - March 14, 2023
We meet every second Tuesday and Sunday
You will practice weekly in front of real people and receive professional human feedback
Join LIVE from anywhere in the world. Replays are instantly available
No boring theory. No pre-recorded video lessons.
Only raw, real practice to bring out a more resilient, confident, and incredible YOU!
Honest, corrective feedback on how you sell in English today + practical recommendations to help YOU become a sales STAR
  • Sell yourself
    This program is perfect for anyone who is looking for a job at an international company and wants to be ready for numerous job interviews in English with HR professionals and C-level executives
  • Sell your product
    Take this unique opportunity to receive honest feedback on your pitch, your intonations, you speaking habits, and your confidence. Use the feedback, improve your pitch, and deliver it again. We'll give you all the support you need.
    This program will specifically focus on how to sell to decision makers in English
  • Sell your ideas
    Whether you want to sell a business idea or get a huge budget approved to improve customer service within the organization, you are in the business of selling the potential. Take this training program and practice being heard, considered, and valued when you sell your ideas in English

Learn to sell. In business you’re always selling: to your prospects, investors and employees. To be the best salesperson put yourself in the shoes of the person to whom you’re selling. Don’t sell your product. Solve their problems.

— Mark Cuban

Listen. Care to understand. Sell.
Nurture the relationship.
As you go through the program, you will rewrite your sales emails, improve your pitches, learn to use your voice, and restructure your existing presentations.
  • Sell yourself to employers
    and investors
  • The structure of your speech and thought process in English. Help people SEE what you mean
  • Sell to decision makers.
    Learn to get to the point
  • Sell ideas to new audiences
    (big and small)
  • Learn to deliver both prepared and spontaneous presentations of your product
  • Learn to stay present and calm in adversarial situations? Conflict resolution practice
  • Prepare both the brief and the detailed version of your story
  • Tell stories. They sell.

Check out the program.
Intense, practical, immediately applicable to real-life
There is no "homework".
Your only homework is to apply what you've learned during your next sales call and reap the reward
Преподаватели курса
  • Александра Иванова
    Основатель и арт-директор в LMao
  • Иван Пантелеев
    Маркетолог в DD agency
  • Леонид Бирецкий
    Data Scientist в WON
  • Михаил Калитин
    Маркетолог в Close Connections
Each month, a new module begins
Старт. Вы знакомитесь с преподавателем и сокурсниками и выбираете тему дипломной работы
Самостоятельное обучение. Вы присутствуете на онлайн лекциях и изучаете материал самостоятельно
Коммуникация и обратная связь. Участвуете в обсуждении заданий и консультируетесь с преподавателем
Защита диплома и сертификат. Вы защищаете дипломную работу и получаете сертификат о прохождении курса
32000 RUB/mo
You can also purchase each module separately.
One module is 40,000 RUB
Community members get 50% off
16500 RUB/mo *
*Community Members get a 50% discount (Membership tiers: Daring Learner and Daring Learner +)

Paid monthly if enroll in the
5-month program.
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