Native-Like Fluency
The ocean of authentic relationships in English
Stop passively learning
Start actively practicing
If you are stuck at "OK" English and looking for effective strategies and methods to take your fluency to the next level, you're in the right place.

The options below will be of value if you want to:
  • practice weekly with me and other learners
  • identify your grammar blind spots and close them through effective practice
  • have a specific weekly plan of exercises to target different language skills
  • build meaningful relationships with people in English
  • explain your ideas with clarity and influence people in English
  • sound natural and spontaneous in English
  • learn to continuously hone your English skills to achieve native-like fluency
Here are my recommendations
if your goal is native-like fluency in English and
higher communication standards
Join my exclusive group coaching program and work in a team of ambitious international professionals
Join the community of practice to unlock hundreds of creative exercises and receive human feedback.
Join our weekly practice sessions and learn by doing.

Apply to work with me.
Minimum commitment period is
three months
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