29 may 2023, ONLINE
The METHOD to Self-Correct
Old, Stubborn Mistakes in English
You know your mistakes, but you still make them in spontaneous speech?
Join this workshop!

I'll introduce you to THE METHOD that will help you get rid of old, stubborn speaking patterns and mistakes. I've been using it for many years to improve my own pronunciation and speak with more clarity and impact in English.

THE METHOD is for non-native English learners who are tired of doing the same exercises that bring the same results.

Native-Like Fluency is a whole new terrain.
Old methods don't work here. Old mistakes don't survive in this land. The longer you hold on to your existing habits and patterns, the longer you're going to be stuck at the same level.

Change the game! Only you have the power to do so.
You need this training if you keep making the same mistakes in English
How I speak in 2023 using THE METHOD
How I used to sound in 2019 (listen to my vowels)
This seat is yours!
Hop on board!
This complementary training for daring learners is free
May 29, 2023 || 20:00 UTC+3
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