American Accent Traininig
For Community Members Only
Get coached by a professional
accent coach.

Deadline to apply: June 2, 2024

I partnered with 21Accents founded by an award-winning actress and a renowned accent coach, Amy Walker, to introduce my community members to the the most effective accent training.

Each member of the small group receives personal feedback from the coach and gets access to Amy Walker's course "The American Accent".

What you can do instead of DRILLing the sounds
How to pronounce the H in American
Common mistakes. Listen to how they can be fixed
The Structure of the Training
THE GOAL is to teach your
mouth to move differently
in spontaneous speech.

The first part of the training will take 4 months.
After that, you can decide to continue or take a break.
    1. VOWELS
    You will learn American pure vowels and diphthongs. We offer a video on each sound, human feedback on your recordings, and a series of lessons with the most common mistakes that students make and how to fix them.
    You will improve the consonants you're struggling with. There is a detailed video on each found and human feedback on all your work.
  • 3.MELODY
    This is a more advanced step! You will learn what American melody sounds like, and how English uses almost the entire octave.
  • 4.RHYTHM
    There's no other language that relies on rhythm as much as English. You will get a lot of new insights into stress, intervals, rhythm, and intonations.
  • 5.VIBE
    How does it feel to be American? This part of the training is dedicated to helping you find your American voice without having to give up your authentic voice.

Join the 4-month accent training

and get access to:

✅ The course by Amy Walker "The American Accent"

✅ Carefully curated pronunciation resources and exercises that Alex and I create for the members

✅ Individual feedback

✅ Two LIVE sessions a month

✅ Hundreds of exercises and routines to get you to native-like fluency in English

To unlock this and many other powerful workshops, join the community of practice.
A place where we do high-performance practices.

  1. Weekly LIVE Practice sessions with me
  2. A free course "Daring Learner" with lifetime access
  3. Individual Feedback from me on all your work
  4. Video feedback to help you see what I mean
  5. Collaborative projects
  6. Hundreds of creative exercises to get to native-like fluency designed in accordance with my signature methodology
  7. 50% off all SPRINTs! and new products
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