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If you're new to the methodology  of achieving Native-Like Fluency in English, here are the links to my FREE courses and exercises to help you get started.

Use this post to save time searching for good exercises. Invest it in doing them.

Free courses

"Daring Learner" - a welcome video course for everyone for wants to wants to learn more about the approach and build effective practice routines to achieve native-like fluency. I recommend starting the course as soon as you start your free 7-day trial in the community of practice so that you immediately try all the tips shared in the course. 

P.S. If you prefer to pay in RUB, start your free trial using this link 

"Nine Essential Skills to Achieve Native-Like Fluency" - a free course that will help you learn the fundamentals of a different approach to learning. I will walk you through all the nine skills. You will learn the theory behind each skill and do creative exercises to practice each. The course is free and comes with individual feedback. You must apply to join. 

Free exercises in the Community of Practice (for Upper-Intermediate+ level students and for ESL teachers )

The exercises bellow are open to everyone. You don't need to be a paying member in the Community of Practice. To get access to the exercises and request feedback, it's enough to create an account.



Clarity in Speaking


Practice Routine. Main principles


The Rhythm of English




Free interactive exercises on my website

You can start practicing right here, on my website. All video forms are anonymous. I do not collect your data. I will not ask you to leave your email address in exchange for an exercise. You can do the same exercise as many times as you want, and you you can do as many exercises as you want. 
However, if you feel stuck and you do want to contact me, you can leave your email address and your question in the text field (available in every video exercise), and I will get back to you.

All video instructions are no longer than two minutes. I recommend that you do each exercise a few times. To learn about the power of iterations (as opposed to repetitions), watch this video 

Free exercises in Instagram stories 

You can find them in highlighted stories

  1. Reading
  2. Read aloud
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Writing
  5. Many more various exercises
Here, here, here, and here.

Your feedback would help me a lot.
If you tried the free exercises, let me know if they were helpful/not helpful, clear/confusing, easy/difficult....
Tell me if you needed feedback. Tell me if you didn't because it was self-explanatory. 

I would love to hear back from you so that I can create more engaging exercises to help you practice your meta-skills (your learning skills).

At the center of each exercise is YOU rather than the rules of English.
My methodology is human-centered, and my job is to show you that native-like fluency is possible, that the method to achieve it exists, and that real people have already done it. You can do it too.

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