How creative writing practice can help you improve spontaneous speaking skills in English

Writing Practice
It took me a few years to learn to write well in English. It all started as very bad writing, even though my overall English level was very good. The list of issues was long: grammar & syntaxis mistakes, no flow, abrupt sentences, no big idea, poor vocabulary etc. Now, when I receive feedback from native speakers who read my texts, I understand that I have made some good progress.

Another obvious parameter is time. It takes me way less time to create a text in English today (including all the editing) than it used to take me 3-5 years ago.

I decided to commit to a deliberate practice of running this Community in English and running my social media pages in English too. Well, that means a lot of writing.

Invest in writing. It is one of the most effective tools to challenge the way you think in English and improve your speaking habits.

It might sound surprising but creative writing is the best tool I know to improve your spontaneous speaking skills.

Where to begin?
  1. If you're an active member, check out the Creative Writing Workshop in the Community. Press "play" and follow along. Share your work if you need feedback. If you can't access the workshop in the Community, start your free trial.
  2. Join the Creative Writing SPRINT! — it's a 2-month writing challenge. If you will participate after July 2022, you will watch the replays at the time that is convenient for you. All participants get personalized feedback on everything they write.
  3. Commit to writing in a journal in English. Answer ONE question every day in writing.

Follow the link to see more tips.