Will you achieve absolute fluency if you move to an English-speaking country?


Do you need to live in an English-speaking country to speak flawless English?

I know many people who took short intensive English courses in Malta, England, or the U.S., and they returned to their home country speaking the same English.

I lived in Germany for 5 years. I stayed with a German host family during the first year. I had to take care of two German-speaking kids as an Au-pair. Obviously, I had to speak and listen to A LOT of German. Did my German skills improve automatically?

They did not.

Being in the right environment is not enough if you're not doing the work to learn from it and find your place in it.

When you don't do the work, the environment spits you out because you simply don't belong.

Staying in an English-speaking country for a few months is not enough to become fluent. It's not enough if your goal is to get a C-Level position and lead an English-speaking team.

Relocating to an English-speaking country is not enough either. You have probably heard the stories of immigrants who have lived in the U.S. / UK for decades, but still struggle fitting in, understanding what people say, and speaking their truth in English.

Native-Like Fluency is a new level, but it's not an academic level.

You're not preparing for a test any more. You're preparing yourself to handle everyday situations, such as job interviews, small talk, sales calls, parents' meetings, client meetings, etc...

You need to be ready to show up as you are. You need to be spontaneous, authentic, and present in a foreign language.

That's exactly what we're learning in the Native-Like Fluency program:

1) how to be clear in spontaneous conversations in English

2) how to become a better learner so you can learn the missing skills fast.

You can apply to join the upcoming cohort today. Start date: August 6, 2023