What is genius? Two exercises inside

I often ask students to explain the "obvious" words.
What is friendship?
What is discipline?
What is integrity?
What is genius?

Knowing that every answer is within reach - all you need to do is google the word - doesn't help us develop the skill of making sense of information in English and discerning.

Your definition is important. If you believe that discipline equals "punishment", you act this way too. Your thoughts create your realty. To speak another language with native-like fluency, you need the skill of using the target language to learn more about the target language. You need to learn how native speakers think, what they see in words, and how they use words to express the universal truths are are hard to describe with words alone. Learn to create reality with your words when you speak English. Most people don't take their words, thoughts, and actions seriously. They don't take their learning skills seriously either. They collect knowledge, but never apply it. They consume the information they are being fed.

Try to choose what to watch, read, and listen to instead. You can learn grammar from ANY content if you can learn.

Choose the content that challenges, inspires, and educates your soul. It's imperative that you read books written for native speakers, otherwise you risk getting stuck at the intermediate plateau forever. Read Mark Twain, Virginia Wolf, S. Fitzgerald - at least one chapter per week. This will teach you more than countless YouTube channels that show you the same stuff because you're ready to pay for it with your attention.

What you see in the pictures below is the exercise that I did today:

I wanted to explain to myself what GENUIS means.

I had to find some good examples first. Do your research, find another definition of "genuis" and share it in the comments. Let's help each other learn and get inspired.

P.S. If you don't feel like doing this exercise, do another one: read the slides in the carousel out loud without losing the meaning of what is said. Trust me, it's difficult enough:)