Meta-emotions in Learning

About negative emotions in learning and the ability to cope.

I have been consciously applying metacognitive strategies to learning and teaching foreign languages. Being aware of how you learn and how you cope helps you get unstuck every time you feel stuck in a cycle of the same mistakes, the same anxiety, the same helplessness around building a practice routine and sticking to it.

Self-correction is merely impossible without a developed capacity to cope. Every mistake will trigger a student, and most students were taught to feel shame about their mistakes in early childhood.

We need more daring learners. These are the people who dare to challenge their own expectations of themselves and look at reality. How do I speak today? What mistakes as I making? How do I learn? How soon do I quit? Am I waiting for motivation? Have I been waiting for a little too long? Can I take feedback? What do I usually do with it?

When you know the answers to these questions, you know how to organize your practice.

Successful practice is not about hacks or technology, or supplements for better concentration. It's about developing the ability to self-regulate your inner state and direct your mind, attention, and focus.

Let's talk about these in the comments. What's your experience with meta-emotions?