Mastery of a skill means little without mastery of self

On April 27, 2024, we did the practice on developing our pineal glad, which includes improving concentration and being more connected to self.

This post is a thank you message. Thank you for doing the practice together with me. The people in our group showed me how much value my continual inner work has. Being surrounded by such conscious, thoughtful, and inspiring people who are able to understand, perceive, and fully express their truth is a gift. I didn't know that many of these people had been following my work and my journey. Seeing you and knowing that you exist is a gift. Thank you.

Self-mastery is the necessary part of mastering any skill, even if that skill is healing or managing your attention.

I used to feel utterly misunderstood for years. People wanted information from me. And I'd say - go get it on YouTube. It's free and abundant.

You're not here because you need information on how to master a skill, are you? You're here because you can't decide what information is good for you. You don't know what to do with that information and how to learn from it. You don't know how to filter out crap. You can't prioritize the steps you need to be taking. And you're completely disconnected from your own truth.

All your life you've been told that "learning a language" is "sitting at your desk and memorizing foreign words", or that "learning" is "waiting to be taught", or that "learning" is "consuming loads of information". You're here because none of this has worked for you, and you're tired of trying again.

You're tired of following the advice of those who give you information that sounds rational but has no soul, no transcendent meaning, and no purpose to serve YOU.

Learning a skill means teaching yourself a new set of behaviors. These behaviors include self-regulating your energy and your attention, neutralizing harmful information and the impact of negative memories, committing to inner work, finding joy in discipline, and controlling the perceived image instead of letting the captured images and ideas control and haunt you.

Mastering a skill is impossible without mastering the self.