Choose your potential over standards: deliberate practice always brings about the changes

My process. My progress.

I showed this to people who can’t draw, and they said: “It’s beautiful”.

I showed this to professional artists and people who studied art, and they said": “Well, it’s ok. It looks nice. You should work on light and shadows. Practice harder.”

If I hold myself to an impossibly high standard, I will always get disappointed in my own work.

Yes, it’s not perfect, but is it supposed to be perfect today? Can it be perfect today if I’ve been practicing for a little over a year?

It’s definitely better than what I drew last year. I can see that.

My message is that you, your personality, your interests, your joy, your motivations, and your results should be at the center of your practice routine.

Start small - one exercise a day.

One drawing a week.

Maybe one sketch a month. It’s still a practice routine. You choose the intensity of your practice.

If you want to improve your English fluency, start with one exercise a day.

Choose your exercises daily. Follow your inspiration, not someone else's plan for your progress. If you don’t live up to someone’s expectations about the progress you’re supposed to be making as you go through the textbook or the program, it’s so easy to conclude that something is wrong with you…or the program.

Follow your inspiration instead. It’s allowed. Develop self-discipline by following your inspiration daily.

Discipline is about accomplishing things. A sense of accomplishment always brings JOY. It always brings about the change that you want to see in yourself.

You can’t accomplish everything in one day or in one exercise. I can’t accomplish all the lessons on shadow and light after completing just one drawing lesson. But I can choose to do another drawing lesson tomorrow because the better it gets the better it can get.

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