How much can you learn from watching replays? What if I say "A LOT"?

People often feel frustrated if they missed a class. They avoid watching the replay because they don't see the value in watching other people practice. They miss the opportunity to learn and improve. Instead, they wait for the next class.

If they did attend a class, they also avoid watching the replay. People say it's painful to look at themselves. It's difficult to hear their own voice. It's demotivating to see themselves from a perspective of an observer, and not a doer. So, they miss a great opportunity to learn from their mistakes and improve. As a result, they make the same mistakes during the next class.

I created a telegram channel where I share fragment from our practice. My awesome community members gave me permission to share video/audio files.

Join us and learn to learn from replays. Each video/audio is a short exercise that comes with a list of questions for you. These questions will show you a way to become a more metacognitive learner.