Achieving extraordinary results in the most ordinary conditions

You don’t need makeup, professional light, or an expensive camera to do what’s right. You don’t need to be an influencer. You don’t need to impress or influence anyone but yourself.

Your practice is what only you can see. Own it. Take it seriously. Develop it.

Daily practice and deep commitment to serving your true self is what you can’t really show on social media. If you’re searching for it here, you’re searching in the wrong place. Most non-trivial skills must be modeled by an experienced teacher for a student to learn effectively. What you see on social media is far from modeling. You see 1-min videos designed to entertain you and sell you an easy solution. Modeling takes time, sometimes years. Ask any athlete how long it took them to become good at what they do, and most will say they don’t even remember when they started. They’ve been practicing forever.

I’m not a professional athlete, but I possess many skills at an advanced level, even though I started out as an adult.

My work is about achieving extraordinary results in the most ordinary conditions.

I started working out when I was 19.

I started learning English when I was in 7th grade.

I started taking my English seriously only at 18.

I started working on my posture all by myself when I was 7 (yes, I started early with this one).

I started running when I was 20.

I did a split for the first time at 22.

I started drawing at 34.

I started working on my mobility at 37.

I have always been passionate about achieving mastery. Mastery means you don’t stop. Once you stop, you’re no longer a master. Once you stop practicing a habit, you no longer have the habit.

You can work out for many years in a row without hurting yourself only if you practice the right way.

You can continuously hone your skills only if your daily practice adds to the quality of your life and doesn’t take away from it.

So many people hurt themselves with running, lifting, taking intensive programs, committing to the wrong thing… They’re convinced that they’s a shortcut. They’re looking for it here, on social media. And so many people are happy to sell it to them.

There’s no shortcut.

There’s daily practice, in which you master YOURSELF. When I say that you need to aim at “flying solo”, I don’t mean that you don’t need other people. I mean that you become independent and as you become a more experienced practitioner, you can help others. We can’t go to school forever. One day we must graduate and continue on our own path. You need to know how to self-regulate your anxiety in spontaneous situations on your own, without having to pay your therapist every time you have a negative emotion. You need to learn to develop your daily practice routine without having to ask a professional to do this for you every single time you feel lost. You need to finally learn how to feed your body so that you don’t have to listen to misleading advice on YouTube or call a dietitian every time you find yourself at a grocery store.

I design the exercises so you can practice advancing your English skills and move toward native-like fluency every day. I show people how to develop effective practice routines to significantly improve their pronunciation, writing, vocabulary, and grammar without having to pay an English teacher twice a week for the rest of their life. I know they work because they got me out of the land of “average”.

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