How to use the word "consider"? My routine to internalize correct English phrases

This is how I practice internalizing vocabulary and self-correcting my mistakes.
If you notice that you make the same mistake over and over again, it simply means that you don't know some rule, some pattern, or some idiomatic expression. Step 1 is to learn that rule, pattern, or idiom.

HOW to go about it? Here is how I do it:

  1. First, I look at about 5-10 examples of this phrase in movies, media articles, and COCA. For example, below you can see how native speakers use the word "CONSIDER"
  2. I like learning from movies, so I create such short videos (see above ⬆️) for myself and my students. I choose the scenes where the same phrase is said in different context with different intonations
  3. What I see in this video is that "consider" is used as "consider" + noun/pronoun and "consider" + verb+ING. Examples are: "consider takING", "consider goING", "consider this", "consider you"
  4. Then I ask myself, "Are my observations correct?" Is there a rule in English that explains the use of "consider"?
  5. I found a Youtube video that proves that my observations are correct (see below)
  6. Then I watched my own video again and repeated every phrase out loud.
  7. I repeat this routine (step #1 - step #6) with every new phrase that I want to learn to say effortlessly at any given time.
  8. When I work with one phrase, I will repeat step #6 every 2-3 days for about 2 weeks.
  9. All such videos must be short! 60 second max!

The rest of this post is in the community of practice:

  • the video explanation on how to use "consider" from a native speaker
  • more examples from credible sources on how to use "consider"
  • the difference between "consider" and "consider as"
  • feedback and answers to your questions