Feedback on your reading skills and your pronunciation. Example


Here is a fragment from our previous reading session in Moscow. 
Everyone receives personalized feedback on their reading skills. 

Here is what we practice during these sessions:

  • the speed of reading comprehension (how fast can you make sense of new information in English?)
  • thought chunking 
  • clarity of pronunciation: the shape of vowels 
  • enunciation 
  • intonations
  • storytelling skills 
  • the rhythm of English 
  • presentation skills in English 

This practice is recommended for advanced learners of English who want to deepen their practice and learn to improve both their listening and their spontaneous speaking skills.

For example: 
  • teach yourself to hear the difference between "wheel" and "will"
  • get to know the incorrect pronunciation patterns in your speech, which you have never noticed, and how to unlearn them 
  • learn to read out loud so that it sounds like a story .... and NOT like you're reading...

Highly recommended to anyone who wants to perfect their presentation skills in English.

Join the next session in Moscow on Sep 18

If you are not in Moscow but you want to practice, feel free to send the recording of your reading to us (paste the link in the comments under this Community post or send me a DM there)