NEW Episode on BREVITY: What Is It and How to Practice It


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I teach a self-study exploratory practice approach to learning a foreign language. The result of this method is that people move beyond the levels of "Advanced" and "Proficient", and instead of fixating on achieving a certain "level", they invest in building a deliberate practice routine that might never end.

I show strategies and tools to build a meaningful practice routine for those who need more than the "advanced" level. I share my own process, and I teach the system of very concrete yet very creative exercises that help us develop the necessary skills to get to native-like fluency.

They are:
- attentiveness 
- listening & short-term memory
 - clarity
 - brevity
 - writing
 - rhythm 
- articles
 - questioning your own ideas 
- diction

This episode is about brevity - the art of speaking less while saying more in a foreign language.

I'm going to share:

- Why it's frustrating
 - Why it's normal 
- Tips to include brevity in your practice routine
 - Exercises that help

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