A collection of exercises to help you practice thinking (cognitive) skills in English


How to help yourself learn to THINK in a foreign language? The answer is consistent and deliberate work that brings JOY. I have been doing these exercises on a daily basis. The compound effect is mind-blowing if you choose to stick with them for long enough.

Here is the list of the most effective exercises:

1.Writing in English

I do not care as much about writing in ”perfect English” as about writing about myself and translating my own experiences into words, English words. In order to express myself with clarity and precision, I need good grammar, and I need to be fluent in the language of emotion. 

Where can you find the exercises?

  • The Community Of Practice (see the hashtag #writing or join the Writing Studio) 
  • Creative Writing Sprint! Enroll and get feedback on your writing 
  • SPRINT! On Clarity. Level #3 and #4 - Structuring and Connecting your ideas in Writing. You will find lots of exercises to organize your thinking process, structure your ideas, and learn to write better sentences. 

2.Read out loud in English 

Where can you find the exercises?

3. Describe a picture. It’s a fantastic exercise to learn to make decisions as you speak, i.e. fast. 

Where can you find the exercises?

  • Free highlighted Instagram stories titled “tasks”, “tasks 2, 3, and 4” (you have to look for the exercises yourself)

4. Spontaneous speaking (what you see in the video above)

Where can you find the exercises?

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The Community doesn't teach you to mindlessly consume content, even though we have a lot of content to help you practice. It teaches you to choose and to practice your skills - deliberately and consciously. I'm showing you what I do on a daily basis. You don't have to be me. Take what you need, learn what you need to learn, and help others by being consistent and by becoming a daring learner yourself.